Online Payment for Changing Maine


We are close to being at capacity for this event, so we are now closing down registration to hold space for Black, other People of Color, and Indigenous registrants, though we may reopen it closer to the event. If you are Black, a PoC, or Indigenous and would like to register, please contact Sass Linneken of ROSC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so you can be manually added to our registration list.

If you are unable to register at this point but would still like to contribute to this effort, please feel free to use the link below and leave a note indicating that it is a donation for the event (or send an email to that effect to the email address above).

Cost for Changing Maine for Racial Justice: Centering Anti-Racism in our Movements is on a sliding scale basis. Suggested donation for the day is between $0 - $50, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. We also ask, however, that people engage in class solidarity, so that we can keep the event low-cost or free for people who have financial barriers.

What is class solidarity?

Class refers to where you and your family fit into the world regarding finances (for example: poor, working class, middle class, wealthy, owning class). 

Resources for Organizing and Social Change is a grassroots organization that works on a shoestring budget. We receive few grants and the majority of our fundraising comes from small, grassroots contributions. All of our programming is offered on a sliding scale donation basis that goes all the way down to $0, except for the VERY RARE occasion where we have to charge for an event. If you are someone who can donate more because you are middle class or wealthy, please consider doing so. If you do so, you will be engaging in class solidarity. 

You can pay your registration fee by cash, money order, or check on the day of the event, or by making it out to ROSC and sending it to: PO Box 2444, Augusta, ME 04338-2444. Or you can pay online by clicking below (see suggested donation above). Please note: making payment does not register you, so be sure to fill out the short registration form too! You can find that form by clicking here.